Flight Report: Eclipse 2017 Day Trip in Harford, WY

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This might be our most ambitious trip yet. Not because we were hiking up mountains, but because we did a freakin’ 1600 mile DAY TRIP to check out a total eclipse… with a 3 year old and 3 month old.

BOOM! Totally worth it.

As we were building the plane we always said we were going to do an eclipse trip when it was FINALLY 2017 and the plane was finally done… and hello! We remembered a few days before the eclipse that we might want to look into logistics like lodging, etc. Realizing that spending the night wasn’t going to be realistic for us, (hotels were going for $3k in the strip of totality, camping with a newborn is do-able but not so fun) we knew it had to be a day trip.

Pack like crazy – ✔ check

Prep the plane – ✔ check

Load the car – ✔ check

Clock set for 4AM – ✔ check

…EJ crawls in with us, Dash wakes up at midnight and 3. Alarm goes off at 4. We got this far, why stop now!


This was an exciting trip for a few reasons. First, it was a planning challenge to find a location from which to watch the eclipse. Second, it was tricky negotiating weather between home base in Minnesota and our destination at Harford Field, just outside of Casper, WY. And finally, since we couldn’t convince the solar system to have the eclipse in the afternoon, we had an EARLY start to be sure we made it in time. All in all, a long day, but a very successful trip!
We saved most of the specific flying details for the video, but here are a few of our favorite pics from the trip. Dash’s excited eclipse face… My backseat buddy.

EJ liked these windmills over South Dakota.

A wave at Mount Rushmore on the way back.

And who says Ed is the big “fixer” of the family. Look at my awesome fix-job after my sunglasses lens popped out.

Our parking spot in Harford, WY.

And our only blurry ECLIPSE SELFIE!

Was a little hard to get out of the plane after a long day…

This is one of our most memorable flights yet! Check it out!

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