Flight Report: Airplane Romance in Coralville Iowa

We were invited to our airplane friends’ wedding in Coralville Iowa over Memorial Weekend. We met Mike and Sarah though RV-10 builders groups. It was SO fun to be there and celebrate with them!

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Colleen’s 1st flight in 2019

I was really excited [Colleen here ;)] to get back into the plane after not stepping foot into it for 10-ish or so months. Between work, kids, home projects, etc., we’ve been pretty maxed, but we also just didn’t do a lot of flying over the winter and spring here in MN. It was once of the worst winters I can remember that ended up bleeding up into May. (yuk)

Not to say we couldn’t fly in winter, we certainly can and do, but it takes a bit more pep in your step to go out into a blizzard and sit in a cold hangar while you do your preflight checks.

This trip did take a little more planning (parental logistics I mean lol!) because it was a parents-only flight AND we had hoped to join my family up at Camp Lebanon in northern MN after coming back from the wedding.

Friday: My Dad picks up EJ and heads off to camp

Saturday: We drop off Dash at Ed’s Mom’s and fly down to IA

Sunday: Fly back, pick up Dash from Ed’s Mom, drive 2.5 hours to camp (Why didn’t we fly to camp? The nearest airport was 1/2 hour drive and we didn’t want to take our family away from the fun to pick us up.)

Monday: Drive 2.5 hours back home (crash and do laundry to get ready for real life on Tuesday)

Highlights from Trip…

Breaking in our new BOSE A20 Aviation Headsets

We recently purchased two Bose A20 Aviation Headsets. You may have seen us wearing the QT Halo Headsets on previous trips like to Johnson Creek, Utah.

We purchased these for a couple reasons:

1) For shorter trips it’s just easier to slip on and off over-the-ear headsets vs. taking the time to corkscrew earplugs into your brain.

2) If we have other people flying with us, sharing ear goo is not cool. They were super comfy – once I had them on the right way. About 5 minutes in Ed told me I had them on backwards. #aviationnewbie

We will probably still use the QT Halos for longer cross country flights. There’s a tiny gap when you wear sunglasses with the Bose so the noise control might be a bit better with the Halos if you’re wearing sunglasses…

We’ll do more testing with headsets and keep you posted, but we’ve already gotten a few questions when I posted a few travel pics on Instagram. 😉

Sirius XM Weather

This was our first flight after activating a new Sirius XM Aviation Weather package – Pilot Express (cheapest option). Ed did a quick video comparing SiriusXM Aviation Weather and ADSB Weather on the Garmin G3X Touch. Check it out!


Uber in Iowa City Rocks

We were a little worried about taxi and transportation. We didn’t know the area all that well and we didn’t have a huge amount of time, but we were SO impressed with Uber’s coverage in Iowa City! After getting the tip about Uber from the Airport service crew and calling Uber – we waited no more than 5 minutes. We Ubered (is that how you use Uber as a verb?) 4 times between the Airport, hotel, and Wedding. SO SLICK.

Maybe you all have this capability where you live and I’m just stuck in my rural MN mindset, but GOLL-Y! Talk about ease-of-use!

And Because We’re Just Big Dorks

No flight would be complete without my comfy airplane travel leggins =) They are almost worn though in the knees I’ve worn them so much. I can’t find them anywhere online (one of my friends got them for me from a legging party?). If anyone knows where I can find another pair message me!

This was one of the first sans kiddo nights Ed and I had in a while. Big thanks to Mike and Sarah for the invite and allowing us to share in your special day! (Also big thanks to our family for helping us with the kiddos!)

P.S. Lots has changed since the last post! Yep, some of you noticed Ed has braces. He got them in January. It’s so fun teasing him to say more “S” words (I can’t help laughing out loud when he’s explaining something geeky to me with his braces.) May be up to 3 years with those lovelies. I keep telling him they are a fashion accessory.

Congrats and best wishes Mike and Sarah! Can’t wait to see you again soon!


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CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FLIGHT REPORT from our trip to Coralville Iowa!


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    Most excellent! Fun to watch you two and your adventures.

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