Flaps day 2

Hours Worked = 3.5

Tonight was the second night working on the flaps, but it was one of those days when you start with a big pile of parts and end up with something that looks like a real airplane part!

I started by trimming down the flanges of the flap ribs. Why they don’t just cut them that way at the factory, I don’t understand. Next, I edge deburred all the flap parts I’ve worked on up to this point.

Then came the fun part. I assembled the skeleton of the flaps, put the top and bottom skins on, and put the nose rib on. Finally, I cut down some aluminum wedge for the trailing edge.

P1020155.JPG P1020156.JPG P1020157.JPG P1020159.JPG P1020160.JPG P1020161.JPG 

I had a little mess up with the video tonight. I turned it off to get a snack from inside, and forgot to turn it back on. So I’m missing about 45 minutes of work, mostly consisting of finishing joining the bottom skin, and nose skins. But don’t worry. There will be video of me taking it all apart, then putting it all back together again for final riveting!


One thought on “Flaps day 2

  • January 23, 2013 at 9:25 PM

    Darn food, sleep and work…always getting in the way of airplane building….

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