First build day!

Hours Worked = 3

As of 7:45PM on Feb 21, 2012, I can be considered an RV-10 builder… not just an empennage kit owner!

With an RV kit, you start at the back. The vertical stabilizer, to be specific:

Beginning at the beginning, I cut down the vertical stabilizer spar caps, clamped them in place on the vertical stabilizer spar, and match drilled all the necessary holes.

Then came lots of deburring, assembling, drilling, disassembling, deburring, and reassembling. All to be disassembled again to be primed before being reassembled and riveted.  This is going to be an ongoing theme!

Colleen was a big help! She is great at following up with clecos after I get the holes drilled, she figured out the best way for us to keep track of all our build pictures, and she’s been working on getting this site up to par!

P1010298.JPG P1010301.JPG first cut.JPG drilling.JPG P1010304.JPG cleco.JPG P1010302.JPG P1010307.JPG


One thought on “First build day!

  • October 17, 2018 at 11:39 AM

    You guys rock.! I’ve been looking at Kit lanes for a year. I looked at all of them. The quality and modifications of your plane inspired me to pull the trigger. I spent the last month getting my shop ready. My empanage Kit should be here Saturday the 20th. I feel like and expecting parent Waiting for the stork. LOL I Have to give you guys kudos for the pictures videos and all the documentation. Absolute pro job. I only hope mine turns out as great as yours did. Good luck to you and your family. You are truly blessed. Have a great day.
    Jeff Smith

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