Finishing up the controls… for now

Hours Worked = 2.25

Today I installed as much of the controls systems as I could at this point.

I started by bolting the idler arm in. The instructions call for you to bolt the idler in place, then bolt on the control rods… but that is needlessy difficult due to the tight space. I simple unscrewed the rod end bearings and bolted them into the idler arm, then bolted the idler arm in place, then screwed the pushrods into the rod end bearings. Simple!

Next, I worked on bolting in the control sticks and bases, and the pushrod that connects the two to the ailerons. I then adjusted this connection to get the control sticks parallel. Finally, I connected the control column to the front pushrod and adjusted everything per the instructions. I got everything just where the instructions call for, but there will be final tweaks when the plane is getting ready for first flight.


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