Finished fabbing fuel plates

Hours Worked = 2.75

Using the first capacitive plate as a template for the remaining ones, I got everything cut to shape and riveted to it’s mounting hardware. All the plates have been test fitted, and everything looks great!

I also did a little unplanned shopping today. I stopped by SteinAir to pick up a few tools like a nice set of wire crimpers and strippers. Well, they got me. What was supposed to be a $70 trip ended up costing me significantly more. Since I was already there, I figured I’d pick up a Gretz heated pitot. And since I got that, I’d need the mount kit too. So I start getting everything together to pay for (still not too bad at this point) and I mention a deal that I had seen posted on Vans Airforce. Stein had had a new full set of TruTrak autopilot servos and associated mount kit for an RV10 for brand new for $500 off the retail price. They were a good deal, and were sold before I could get them.

Well, it just so happened to be my lucky day, because they just happened to have another set of servos sitting there that they would sell me for the same deal! Nice!

I saved some cash, but having just spent a good part of the money I had saved up for the fuselage kit will probably set that order back a bit. There is an 8 week lead time from the time you order a fuselage kit until it gets delivered… and I think I’m pretty close to having 8 weeks of work left on the wings. Oh well. I’ll have the fuse on it’s way soon enough.


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