Final tail cone assembly

Hours Worked = 2.5

Tonight, I was able to rivet together the elevator pushrod, get it installed (temporarily) in the plane, and the system lined up and checked for travel distances. I ended up having to file a small bit off the rear elevator stop bracket to get full up elevator deflection. No big deal, and that’s what the plans tell you to do anyways.

P1010769.JPG P1010770.JPG P1010771.JPG P1010772.JPG P1010773.JPG P1010774.JPG P1010775.JPG P1010776.JPG 

And to finish the night, I built the trim system. This consists of riveting together the trim mount bracket and associated brackets, bell cranks, and other assorted parts, then bolting on the trim servo and trim cables. There is a fair amount going on in a small space, but if you take your time, the directions are quite clear about what goes where.

P1010778.JPG P1010779.JPG P1010780.JPG

And with that, the tail cone assembly section of the plans is done. Technically, it calls for the trim system to be bolted in and trim cables run out to the trim tabs, but since the trim cables look like a pain to fish thru the HS and elevators… and it will be stored in pieces for the next year or two (or three) as the plane is finished, there is no point in going thru the pain now.

The only thing left to do at all is install the fiberglass tips for the VS, HS, rudder, and elevators. I’ve got all my fiberglassing materials on order, and my tech councilor Gary lined up to give me a good fiberglass 101!

Until then, nothing else to do on the plane. I might actually have to get chores done around the house! *shudder*

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