Fiddling with the fairings

Hours Worked = 1

Well, I got a tracking number for my wings, and according to the FedEx website, I should be getting a little package tomorrow!

In the mean time, I fiddled with the HS tip fairings a bit. I just worked on filing the gaps to be a little more uniform and filled them with some micro. I should be able to smooth out a nice curved surface.

Also this weekend, Colleen helped me store the tailcone up on the ceiling. It’s well out of the way until it’s needed again… waaaaaay down the road!

P1010810.JPG P1010811.JPG P1010812.JPG

One thought on “Fiddling with the fairings

  • June 26, 2012 at 11:07 AM

    Did you have to take out a second mortgage or promise your first born child? That looks incredibly expensive not only in just the time committment? Where will you keepit when it gets bigger?

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