Engine Mounted

Hours Worked = 6.75

Yup. It actually happened this time!

But before I mounted it up, I figured it would be easier to finish my control cable passthrus. The plans call for just sticking a plastic bushing around your control cables where they run thru the firewall and seal it with proseal. I wanted something a little more fireproof and secure. So I went with some eyeball passthrus from Cleaveland tool. Unfortunately, I had already drilled out the stock locations, so I had to do some modification to make these fit. Basically, I widened out the outer two stock holes, and drilled a hole below them for the 3rd cable. I still have the original middle hole, but I’m going to cover that up with a sheet of stainless and some 3m Fire Barrier 2000 from the inside.


Then it was time to get the engine installed. I still needed to get the mount “ears” bolted on the engine block, but it worked much better once I had the correct nuts. It is still a PAIN IN THE ASS to get the forward nuts tightened. I ended up using a shaved down socket with a swivel head, and it was still very tight. I think one of the sockets with the integrated swivels would have worked better, but I got the job done.

Then it was just a matter of bolting the engine on the plane. I put the rubber mounts in place and it bolted in pretty easily.


Finally, I busted out the propeller, and started on the construction of the spinner. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, and went pretty quickly. Here are a bunch of pictures from the process:


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