Engine install — DELAYED!

Hours Worked = 1.25

So today was supposed to be a big day. Engine install!

Well, I had my dad over to help with things. First, In installed the push pull cables for the heat vents.

Next, we pulled the engine out of the box and got all the fittings installed that are called out in the plans for things like oil cooler lines, fuel lines, manifold and oil pressure lines. Pretty straight forward. All NPT threaded fittings sealed with Loctite 567. I also removed the magnetos, as I’m going to be installing dual Lightspeed electronic ignition.

Then it was time to bolt on the mounting “ears” on the engine block. Unfortunately, Lycoming sent the wrong size nuts and washers, so I was stopped dead in the water. I set the block back down on the packaging foam, and now we wait for 16 nuts to be shipped from Lycoming. Suck.


***Note, the fuel pump outlet fitting is clocked wrong in the picture above. The bigger fitting needs to point down and maybe slightly forward, and the smaller fitting points towards the pressure sensor manifold.

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