Emp fairings, part 3

Hours Worked = 3.5

A little more sanding, a bit of trimming, and the tips are permanently riveted to the elevators and the top of the rudder. The rudder bottom is ready to go, but I will be leaving it off until I decide on which position light / strobe light I’m going to mount there. It will be a lot easier to get installed with the fairing off.

I also made the initial fit and cut of the horizontal stab tips. These need to be cleco’d in place, then cut to fit the elevator tips as they swing past. Tomorrow, I’m going to pick up some pink foam insulation to use as a temporary form for a bit of fiberglass that needs to be installed to close out the back of the HS tips. My local hardware store in town sucks, and doesn’t carry any… so it’s off to Menards in the next town over.

P1010785.JPG P1010786.JPG P1010787.JPG P1010789.JPG P1010790.JPG P1010791.JPG P1010791.JPG


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