Drilling pants

Hours Worked = 1

After the literal blood sweat and tears (and curse words) in the initial setup of the jig, and with 9 operational fingers, I continued on with the fitment of the left side wheel pant.

Since the pant was aligned in the pitch and roll orientation, it was a pretty simple matter to align it in the yaw orientation by just twisting the jig as a whole, and measuring off the offset centerline until the front and rear measurements were the same.

During this process, it was necessary to do a little more trimming around the gear leg, but once I had the necessary clearance, everything was in place. Once aligned, I marked the location of the jig on the floor with sharpie so it would be simple to re-align everything again even after removing and re-installing the pant.


Next, it was time to match drill the pants to the bracket that holds them in place. I drilled holes thru the brackets where they needed to be, and then taped a little LED nightlight to the inside as close to the hole as possible. Then when I put the wheel pant on, I was able to clearly see where the hole needed to be on the pant, and I match drilled it. This was repeated for all the holes on the bracket.


Next, you need to form an epoxy/flox pad to take up the gap between the pant and the bracket, as they don’t sit perfectly flush against each other. The best way I found to this is to drill a number of small holes all around the hole that you’ve already drilled in the wheel pant, and inject the epoxy/flox mixture with a syringe. I picked up a number of big plastic syringes from the local animal feed store for like $.79 each. Make sure to wrap the wheel pant bracket in packaging tape or some other type of mold release, or the pants will never be coming off!


And finally, to doublecheck that everything was perfectly in line, I threw the laserplane on the pant. Everything still looks good!


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