Down in the gutters

Hours Worked = 3.25

Mostly more work on the door gutters today. Filling and sanding. I ended by adding a little more filler to the tops of the doors to smooth things out.

One interesting thing to note… I finally ran out of my first gallon of epoxy. So today, I ran up to the local boat supply shop and picked up another gallon of WestSystem epoxy and a new set of metering pumps. I also picked up some fast and slow hardener. Previously, I’d only used slow hardener, but it was a real pain this winter when it took 5 days to completely cure, and I’m hoping with the fast resin that I’ll be able to apply and sand later in the same day.

I also picked up some West 407 low density filler. I’ve been using straight microballoons from Aircraft Spruce. I wanted to try the West filler as it’s a chocolate brown color, and it’s very easy to see where low spots are as you are sanding. There is a big color difference between light colored sanded 407 and the dark shiny unsanded parts. That alone would have made this stuff worth the purchase price, but it’s also easier to sand than straight micro, and smooths out very nicely! I think I’m going to really like this stuff for non-structural filling jobs…

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