Door stuff

Hours Worked = 1.75

All kinds of door (and other) stuff tonight. First, I did some more door gap work.

After that, I got the mounts drilled for my rosen visors. After the mounting holes were drilled, I built little “pads” for the mounting plates to sit on out of epoxy and filler. This was because it’s a situation of a flat plate mounting on a curved surface.

After that, I did a little more body work on the doors.

And finally, I did a little testing with some LED lighting. I’m going to have small LED lights in the doors that turn on when that door is opened. With the gull wing doors, these LEDs will give nice entrance lighting. Tonight I was playing around with the placement, and if I angle them right, the lights I’m using will illuminate the step, the wing walk, the door sills, and even out to the gas caps. To get the right angle, I need to build a small aluminum wedge for the LED to sit on. I’m just testing things out at this point, so everything is subject to change!


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