Deburring… and more dimpling!

Hours Worked = 6.5

Are you seeing a pattern here? Well, after today, it’ll be on to something different… assembly!

After Colleen and I finished deburring the skins, j-channel, and ribs, I dimpled everything for the right wing.

After the video ends, I continue by wiping down all the parts with acetone to clean them up, and shot everything with Akzo 463 primer. This was the first time I used an HVLP paint gun for primer. I just picked up a cheapo from harbor freight to use as a primer gun, but it’s worlds ahead of the siphon air-brush style sprayers I’ve been using. Much less overspray (meaning less wasted primer), much smoother and even finish, and it went MUCH faster. There is a little more cleanup, but even with that added time, its a lot quicker and easier than the air brush sprayers… especially for large pieces.

It really felt good to put some hours in. I’ve really been slacking since getting back from Oshkosh. Vacation, work, getting sick, and family got me out of the groove, and unfortunately, I was right at the beginning of a very monotonous stage of the build… so I wasn’t all that excited to get back to it. I really owe it to Colleen for encouraging me by asking “what can we do on the plane” more than a few times in the last week or so, and then actually coming out to help. She even deburred with a hand she injured during a freak corn stalk attack (you’ll have to ask her)!

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