Cutting holes

Hours Worked = 2.5

So now that I have my nice shiny leading edge sections built, what is the next step? Cut big gaping holes into the front of them!

P1010938.JPG P1010943.JPG

These are the rough openings for the Duckworks leading edge landing lights. I did the initial cutout with a dremel with a cutoff wheel. I left about 1/4″ or so between my rough cut and the final line. Once the initial cut was done, I put a sanding drum on the dremel and went right up to the final dimensions.

After the sanding drum, it was pretty close, but the edges of the opening were still a bit wavy, so I busted out the files and went to town. After filing everything straight, I deburred with both an edge deburring tool and a piece of scotch brite. When it was all finished, it looks like the hole had always been there!

After the main holes were finished, I began placing some nutplates that will hold the light assemble inside the wing, but ran out of time for the night.

Here are some additional pictures of the Duckworks install:

P1010935.JPG P1010936.JPG P1010939.JPG P1010941.JPG P1010942.JPG P1010943.JPG P1010944.JPG P1010945.JPG P1010946.JPG P1010947.JPG P1010948.JPG P1010949.JPG


And tonight’s featured film:

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