Comm Antenna Mounts Mounted

I had previously build doublers to strengthen the belly skin when the communication antennas are going to mount. Tonight, I got everything match drilled for the antenna mount holes thru the fuse skin and mounting plate and added the nutplates.

I also had to do some research about how the VHF antennas connect to the ground plane, which on these antennas, goes thru the mounting screws. After reading about the best way to accomplish that on the AeroElectric site, I scuffed the primer off between the doubler plate and the belly skins around where the bolts connect. Just to be thorough, I also scuffed the bottoms of the nutplates, and the part of the doubler they sit against.

I put a light coat of rattle can primer all around these areas. Between the tight fit of the plate and skins, and the RTV that will seal the base of the antenna to the skins, I shouldn’t have any corrosion issues.


Also, tonights video is terrible. I was working inbetween the seat ribs, and was going back and forth between the plane, the bench, and laying on the floor lining the antennas up. As a result, you can’t see much actual work.

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