So I told my mother-in-law yesterday that I think I’m turning into a Mother-Hen…

These are actual things I’ve said in the past few weeks.

“I can’t right now – I have to go wipe chicken butts”

“Oh my! The chicks are 3 degrees to cool.”

“Hey hon! She pooped! Whew.”

“We need to build a training perch.  What is a training perch?  Well it trains them to, ya know, perch”

“That’s okay – just as long as she doesn’t poop on my head”

“Well I was sitting in the coop with them last night…  Why?  Why wouldn’t I?!?”

“You’re being too loud!  They can’t cover their ears!”

So needless to say we’re all getting along smashingly.  At 5 weeks old today the girls are healthy, happy and at home in their NEW COOP outside!  A trip down memory lane, shall we?  C’mon, humor me!  For my first day with the chicks! – click here

They were trying to perch on everything after the first week; the waterer, the sides of the tote, each other.

Perchy, perchy!

Thought they needed a training perch.  Ed built this awesome one with scrap wood and sticks.  The way to my heart?  Make my chicks a training perch.  He was an awesome sport:)

And hay! They jumped on it right away!

At the end of April I got the call that my coop was done.  Excited. beyond. belief.  Keep in mind that every word out of my mouth at this point was chickens, coop, poop, feathers…  (I’d like to take a moment to apologize to my co-workers for my crazy-town chick-antics….thanks for putting up with me Leiann!)

So Ed and I ventured to Fluegals in Rosemount with the truck to pick it up.  We got it home in one piece…barely.  The transmission on the truck went out on the way back so we gravel-roaded it all the way back home.  Only one almost coop-topple.  And how do we get it out of the truck after it was fork-lifted in?  Correction – how did Eddie.  I have no idea.  He made some sort of skid contraption.  God I love that man.

Sawyer: “I has new home??”

The chicks are out growing their tote – fast.  We setup the coop in the garage so we could manage their temp (they still needed to be at around 80-85 degrees).  We plop in some linoleum to make cleaning easier…

And move them out of the tub and into their new home!

Moving from the brooder to the coop in the garage – 3 weeks old

Loving their new home – 4 weeks old

First expedition outside – 4 weeks old

And look at them now!  Ready to go outside with their coop!

5/14/12 First night outside (with their heat lamp)

5/15/12 The Girl’s Party Central

And we’re all getting along:)

So still on our to do list is building their run.  Right now I only let them out supervised.  An enclosed run will allow them to get out in the air while being protected from predators and clumsy puppies.

Stay tuned for more chick-antics!

2 thoughts on “Chick-antics

  • May 18, 2012 at 8:09 PM

    Very adorable. 🙂 Thanks for the update!

  • May 18, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    Aren’t they! Even in their ugly teenage stage they were still cute!

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