Cabin top initial fit

Hours Worked = 1.25

The cabin top is now (roughly) fitted to the fuse. With a new set of cut-off discs for my die grinder, and a nice belt sander I picked up for $9.99 at the pawn shop (huge score!), I was able to finish the initial cuts and try to fit the top onto the fuse.

The first attempt showed me that the scribe lines from the factory were close, but some heavy sanding would be required. The new belt sander with some 50 grit took down the spots that I could were causing interference. The second try was closer. The top slid down into the door openings, but it was a VERY tight fit. It also needed to be notched in the corners for the place where two pieces of aluminum overlap in the door frame. With the high spots and notches marked, I lifted the top up again, and went back to work with the belt sander.

The third time was a charm. While it’s snug, I don’t think it’s too tight. It’s also fitting all the way down into the door openings of the fuse. While this is where I stopped for the day, I still need to smooth the bottom edges of the cabin top, and the back edge is still too big. So, much much more work, but initial progress is good!

Also, if you’re wondering how I was lifting the cabin top, I installed 4 pulleys into the ceiling. I initially did this for storage, but I knew I’d be lifting it up and down a lot, so I set it up to allow one person to raise and lower it without too much fuss.


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