Eggo Numero Uno (et deux)!

(Excuse my Frenish) It's official - we have egg layers! I went out this morning and checked the nesting boxes - nothing.  Threw out theRead More »

Request for Healing Donkey Vibes

Poor Ruby's not feeling so hot:( It was really difficult for her to walk earlier this week. The ferrier came out yesterday and cut outRead More »

Donkey Spotlight: Haircut and Treats

It's starting to get warm around here.  This weekend my Dad and I realized it was high time for Ruby's annual spring haircut.  Ruby normallyRead More »

A Good Run

Some good progress on the run for the girls. Supplies at Menards: 8 10ft 2x4s 100 ft of poultry wire Deck screws Cheap screen doorRead More »


So I told my mother-in-law yesterday that I think I'm turning into a Mother-Hen... These are actual things I've said in the past few weeks.Read More »

The chicks are home!

They're eating, drinking, sleeping and pooping just fine (what else is there in life?) I can't get over how adorable they are!  And I'm alreadyRead More »

Chick Check - Thursday's the BIG DAY!

Chicka chicka wa wa... get to pick up the day-old chicks on thursday Thursday THURSDAY! I seriously cannot express how excited I am right now. Read More »

Cute chicks are moving in...

So after a long time of this idea in the back of my head I finally decided this is the year! We're getting chickens -Read More »