Aileron riveting, part 2

Hours Worked = 2

Today, I started by riveting the aileron end ribs. During this step, it’s important that the aileron is totally flat and true, as setting these rivets locks in the final shape (twist) of the aileron. This is where the 8′ level comes in very handy, and I’m glad I took the time to level out my work surface.

I also installed the blind rivets that connect the counterbalance to the nose skin. Somehow, I ran out of the rivets required, and only had enough to finish one aileron. Luckily, local RV7 builder/pilot Bob Collins (check out his website: Letters from Flyover Country ) was kind enough to stop out and donate a pile of pop rivets to the cause! Thanks, Bob!

Once the ribs and counter balance were attached, it was time to bust out the proseal again. The trailing edges use the same method of riveting that the elevators and rudder does. So I attached the angle iron to the edge of the bench, slopped on the proseal, and clecoed everything tightly in place.

P1020139.JPG P1020141.JPG

Now I’ll let that sit for a few days to cure.

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