Aileron Riveting Part 1

Hours Worked = 5

With all of the aileron parts primed, I started final construction of the ailerons.

You start by building the spar, nose ribs, and counter weight. Then you insert that assembly into the nose skins.


Next, the spar is riveted to the nose ribs. I messed up here and missed the aft most two holes that join the nose skin to center rib on one aileron. I purposely didn’t rivet it, as I was thinking that this hole matched up with something on the spar. I caught my mistake before I closed up the second aileron. Since the spar is fully riveted in place, there isn’t any way to get to the rivet to buck it, so I used a pop rivet in these two spots.


Finally, the aileron skins are clecoed in place, and the nose skin, spar, and main skins are all riveted together. The first side is simple, but it’s a little tight to fit your hand in between the skins to buck the second skin. Luckily, my small tungsten bucking bar made it a non-issue.

P1020136.JPG P1020137.JPG P1020138.JPG 



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