AFS AOA Install, leading edge attach

Hours Worked = 3

Tonight, I got the bottom port lined up and drilled out.

P1010965.JPG P1010968.JPG

Since the top port is on the top of the wing (duh) it has the possibility of getting water dripped into the port. To remedy this, AFS built the top port fitting with a water drain. The metal rod you see me sticking thru the bottom of the wing is just a rod to push the drain to empty it. As you can see, it would be like playing pin the tail on the donkey to hit the drain with the rod while not being able to see into the wing, so I followed the examples of some other builders and mounted a plastic tube to guide the rod to the drain:

P1010975.JPG P1010974.JPG

This got me closer, but it was still pretty easy to miss the drain around the edges. Remember, you’re going to be on your knees pushing a rod up thru the bottom of the wing to hit this drain. So I found that if I ground down a 625-7 snap bushing just a bit, it would fit snuggly in the tube, but cleared the drain.

P1010980.JPG P1010981.JPG P1010982.JPG P1010984.JPG

With this setup, it’s almost impossible to miss the drain. If you do manage to hit the snap bushing with the rod, just wiggle it, and it will slide onto the drain, which is set in farther by about a centimeter or so.


All that’s left is to proseal the fittings to the skins to seal it tightly, but I’ll wait until I have a batch mixed up for the fuel tanks.

With all the extra goodies installed in the leading edges, it was time to attach them to the wings.

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