Aerosport Products Overhead Console Air Supply

Hours Worked = 3

Tonight was a fun night. I got the fresh air ducting that will supply air to the overhead console installed (mostly) in the tailcone.

I started by cutting out some NACA duct holes in the fuse skins. These were made with templates from the front NACA ducts. The back of the duct is 10″ back from the edge of the mid skins (right behind the baggage door), half way vertically between the top rivet holes and the center rivet holes, and parallel to both rivet lines.

IMG_1361.JPG IMG_1360.JPG IMG_1357.JPG IMG_1354.JPG

Next, I had to figure out where to place the 2″ flanges in the baggage bulkhead. They need to fall within the area that is going to line up with the overhead console, so I looked at a bunch of other builders sites and settled on putting them as close to the center bulkhead brace as I could. I did need to notch the flanges a tad to miss the existing nutplates, but it went pretty quickly. Once they were match drilled in place, I used them as templates for what to remove from the bulkhead.

IMG_1499.JPG IMG_1502.JPG


Next, I made up a bracket to hold the Aerosport Products NACA Vent Valve. As described on the Aerosport website, this valve will “allow the user to adjust the amount of airflow into the overhead consoles that many RV-10 builders are installing. This is really nice when tempatures get below fifty degrees and that cold air is all enclosed, and the overhead is getting pressurized and leaking cold air into the cabin. With this control valve you can totally shut off all air or adjust to wide open all year long.”

The bracket I used was actually one of the left over “F1048D” fuel pump brackets. I went with an aftermarket fuel pump and came up with a different mounting system, so I had these left over, and they work PERFECTLY! They are pop riveted to the center j-channel, and have two nutplates to attach the valve.

IMG_1371.JPG IMG_1372.JPG IMG_1373.JPG IMG_1374.JPG


With the valve in place, all that was left was to cut some SCAT tube to length and connect all the parts!

I got all the parts for this setup (with the exception of the valve) from Van’s. They were by far the cheapest for everything. Here is what I ordered:

Part Number: VENT SV-1
Quantity: 2
Unit Price: 6.25

Part Number: VENT HOSE 2X6′
Quantity: 2
Unit Price: 20.00

Part Number: AN737TW-66
Quantity: 8
Unit Price: 1.30

Part Number: VENT DL-03
Quantity: 2
Unit Price: 9.50

Total Price: $81.90

I also put together a quick video describing how everything went together, as well as the normal timelapse. Enjoy!


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