Aerosport Overhead

Hours Worked = 3

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be using the Aerosport overhead console in my build. It’s a single piece of carbon fiber, very stiff, and VERY light. Out of the box, it needs a little bit of work before it’s ready to install, so I figured I’d tackle that today and get another thing crossed off the list.

As shipped, there are molded spaces for 4 eyeball vents (I’m going with the ones from Stein) but the holes need to be cut. The Stein eyeball vents need a 2″ hole. I marked where the holes needed to be made with my trusty compass, and since I don’t have a 2″ hole saw, I drilled it out as big as I could with my step bit, then finished the job with a sander on the end of my Dremel.

IMG_1319.JPG IMG_1320.JPG IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1327.JPG

Next, I needed to match drill and rivet on nutplates for the panels that sit in the overhead. These panels are part of the kit, and they are a perfect fit right out of the box. I also trimmed the opening under the panels as it’s only a rough cut opening as shipped, but the cut-off line is molded into the console. And to fasten the panels, I picked up some stainless steel round head screws from the local hardware store.

IMG_1322.JPG IMG_1323.JPG IMG_1326.JPG IMG_1328.JPG

And finally, the overhead even comes with a coat hanger that fits into the molded recess that sits over the baggage area. I got that drilled out and fitted too.

IMG_1325.JPG IMG_1324.JPG

And that’s about all I can do with the overhead for now. I have it clamped to the roof of the cabin top, but I won’t begin to actually fiberglass it in place until I’ve begun to work on the doors.


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