A little of this…

Hours Worked = 1.5

Got the left leading edge assembly fully riveted up. The next step in the plans is to rivet the leading edges to the spar and the rest of the wing, but I am adding a few features that will go in the leading edge.

The first is leading edge landing lights from Duckworks Aviation. I haven’t actually decided on which lamps I’m going to use yet (it’s going to be either HIDs or LEDs), so I got the “blank” kit from Duckworks. This is basically a window and mounting plate that is cut into the leading edge.

The second addition is an angle of attack system. The AOA system that I chose is made by Advanced Flight Systems. This system will be taking the place of the traditional stall warning buzzer. The system is simply two very small holes that get drilled in the skin and some adapters to connect plastic tubing to the aforementioned holes.


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