A Good Run

Some good progress on the run for the girls.

Supplies at Menards:
8 10ft 2x4s
100 ft of poultry wire
Deck screws
Cheap screen door
1 gallon outdoor white paint

Last Friday when I was gone Ed built and painted the frame for the run which was a wonderful surprise!


Then this last weekend we put up the chicken wire. Now we just have to bury the wire at the bottom (to prevent foxes/predators from digging under) and weave together the bottom and top of the wire since it only came 48″ tall. It’s getting close! YAY!!


Are you working on a project that you’re so excited to finish or getting close to finishing? DO SHARE!

2 thoughts on “A Good Run

  • May 23, 2012 at 4:44 PM

    You can see my furry helper in that first picture!

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