Welcome to our little piece of living life to the fullest

Come ride along on the adventure as we document traveling across the country in our home-built family airplane ........ and a few more of our "because-we're-just-big-little-kids" hobbies =)

RV10 Build

We built a 4 seat 200 mile per hour airplane. In our garage. Really!


Donkeys, Bees, Chickens, Dogs... OH MY!


Places we've been, places we want to go

Living Green

Electric cars, growing veggies, good green stuff!

Who are we?

We're just a couple of Minnesota kids who wanted fly - and came upon the unique opportunity to build our own airplane... in our garage. Yeah, you read that right ;) We started our airplane build in February 2012 and after 3 1/2 years we completed our "adventure machine". We now travel across the country with the mission of experiencing all the beauty, culture, history AND PEOPLE that make life so different and unique. AND share our travel gems with you!


Pilot, Airplane Builder, Father, and Colleen's Sidekick! Known for crazy mad trivia skills and knowing how to fix just about anything.


Momma, Bucking Buddy, Champion of the Animals. Wanted in 38 states for randomly breaking out into song and makes a mean smoothie.

EJ & Dash

The project managers, world-class Power Wheel drivers and chicken whisperers. (Brings the ladies.)

EJ & Dash